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  1. Digital Archæology — The Ricoh GR Digital

    2019-02-22 15:13:44 UTC
    On the eve of the release of the Ricoh GR III, I thought that it was time to take a look back at the original GR Digital camera that was released in 2005 The GR series of cameras from Ricoh hold a special place in the hearts of many photographers.…

  2. FiveFotos — Cologne

    2019-01-07 08:50:26 UTC
    FiveFotos is a series of photographic impressions of people, places or things. For the inaugural post, we’re stopping by Cologne, Germany. Colorful, vibrant and friendly, Cologne has a thriving arts scene and a rich heritage dating back to Roman times. The light in autumn also happens to be spectacular. Enjoy!…

  3. Back to the Future — Film Photography in the 21st Century

    2018-12-10 16:30:47 UTC
    To many people my age who are passionate about photography, black and white film is photography. Maybe we took a class in high school or at university or had a parent who was also passionate about photography and shared that love with us. We learned the basics of composition, how…

  4. Shooting the Shoot

    2018-11-16 14:07:00 UTC
    I have the utmost respect for conceptual photographers and film makers, those in the community who see a scene in their heads and then go about creating that vision in the real world. The imagination, creativity and force of will involved in bring a production to life is staggering and…

  5. Digital Archæology — Dubrovnik and the Nikon D200

    2018-11-05 07:26:00 UTC
    The first in a periodic series where I reprocess old digital camera files with contemporary software When it was released in 2005, the Nikon D200 was regarded as a major advance from its immediate predecessor, the well-regarded if quirky D100. Designed as a second body for professionals and advanced amateurs…

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