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  1. Back to the Future — Film Photography in the 21st Century

    Date 10 Dec 2018
    To many people my age who are passionate about photography, black and white film is photography. Maybe we took a class in high school or at university or had a parent who was also passionate about photography and shared that love with us. We learned the basics of composition, how…

  2. Shooting the Shoot

    Date 16 Nov 2018
    I have the utmost respect for conceptual photographers and film makers, those in the community who see a scene in their heads and then go about creating that vision in the real world. The imagination, creativity and force of will involved in bring a production to life is staggering and…

  3. Digital Archaeology — Dubrovnik and the Nikon D200

    Date 05 Nov 2018
    The first in a periodic series where I reprocess old digital camera files with contemporary software When it was released in 2005, the Nikon D200 was regarded as a major advance from its immediate predecessor, the well-regarded if quirky D100. Designed as a second body for professionals and advanced amateurs…

  4. Tree of Life

    Date 30 Oct 2018
    When I was seven, my family moved from Charleston, West Virginia to Western Pennsylvania. My parents are both from midwestern states and, following my father’s work, they wound their way from Iowa and Illinois to Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. I was born in Cleveland, Ohio, but we moved away…

  5. Ah, Paris…you get me every time…

    Date 22 Oct 2018
    Many places in the world have interesting light. From the blindingly bright white light of central Italy in high summer to the low, slanted light of a Norwegian winter; Or from the sluggish light of Hong Kong to, well, California. Paris, however, is special. There is a way that the…

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